Malena & Family - Sunnyvale, CA

Eileen and Chris have been wonderful friends of ours for years now, so it's been a joy watching them start their lives and especially their family.  Their first child, Mason, is as precocious, engaging and intelligent as you could ask a little boy to be, so with that track record, April and I really anticipated the arrival of their new daughter, Malena.

Malena was an angel the entire time, but Mason being a 2-year old, was a handful.  What you see here is the best we could do after bribery (a lollipop), patience (waited for a short tantrum to pass), and his own sense of humor (petting his sister in lieu of holding her like like he's interacting with a human relative).  Either way, it was a good time with a great family, with results about which we're really proud.  The love this family has for each other was truly inspiring.

Aforementioned sibling petting.

Almost!  It's all hands and feet!